Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts

Leigh in shades

Leigh and her breakfast

Today was the day for donuts. Since our story idea for Jessie Knadler’s cool jam/preserve-making didn’t work out, I set out on a new adventure to cover and photograph the ever-so-popular “Mama Crockett’s Cider Donuts” in Lynchburg.

What’s better? It’s a food truck, so I’m a fan. The whole scene around Mama’s was very Austin, Texas, so I felt right at home. The food truck (robin’s egg blue) sits right next to a juice stand and down the street from a farmer’s market, so after I grabbed half a dozen to try and share with a couple friends, I made my way down to get some of the strawberries and fresh honey from the farms around. Mama Crockett’s, started by two SVU alums, began in Buena Vista, but has since then made its way to Lynchburg to fit in with the food truck scene there. When you round the corner of 12th and Main, there is a whole slew of them, and you can have your pick: custom grilled cheese, fresh fruit desserts, juice, bagels, and (of course) the donuts!! To say they were a bite out of heaven would be the understatement. I attached some cool pictures from the extravaganza this morning, so y’all can check it out.

Mama C truckWhile I was there, there were SVU students doing a video project on the alums-turned-entrepreneurs at the donut hotspot. Definitely make your way down to Lynchburg to experience the goodness. It is so worth the drive. You can check them out on Facebook, find out a little about their story, read/write reviews, or even look at Jessie Knadler’s blog (she covered them in her food/drink section not too long ago!) How cool is that?! Anyway, I have joined the following and will definitely be going again.”

— Leigh Lloveras

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