City Lights

New York City really IS full of surprises. For me, some of the highlights of the trip were an all girls meal at Trattoria Del’Arte on 7th and Broadway, exploring other good eats with the group, and our trip to the World Trade Center. Although I live in a huge city and am exposed to skyscrapers a lot, there was something so humbling and surreal about being so high up looking out in the Glamour offices over where the twin towers fell. It has been years, but I couldn’t help wondering if that ever crosses the mind of the many workers at Condé Nast as they peer out their sky high windows on their lunch break. for thought.

I truly enjoyed Jeff Hamill’s talk with us at Hearst (and not to mention the yummy munchies provided! How sweet was that ?!). I learned a lot about the magazine industry at large and that it really ISN’T dying. If anything, get on board now!

Looking back on our busy trip, the best memory I will take with me was just being immersed in the culture of the city itself. I took the time every morning to head down to one of the coffeeshops on the corner and just people watch. There really is every kind of walk of life around you if you just open your eyes long enough to take it all in and appreciate it. It definitely is NOT the little Lexington, Va., we all know and love, but it was wonderful and fascinating to be among the bustle of the New Yorkers for a few days.

— Leigh Lloveras

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