Rockin’ at Rolling Stone

Aside from the final transportation debacle, our trip to New York City could not have gone smoother. The excursion reminded me of just how many diverse opportunities lie in the big city. NYC is so dissimilar from my childhood home, but it is undoubtedly a place that I could see making my home in the future.

Feelings of inspiration and intimidation, both, overcame me as we meandered through the halls of historically successful and prestigious magazine companies. Rolling Stone, our first stop, left a great impression on me despite the recent controversy over the magazine. The office rang of years and years of nonconformist and shocking approaches to journalism. As Andy Greene Rolling Stone hallwaysguided us through the hall that had on display every Rolling Stone cover page that ever existed, he spoke of the cover shots that had gained the most attention in the press, of the issue that was banned from certain store shelves (Annie Lebowitz’s shot of a nude John Lennon cuddling with a fully clothed Yoko Ono, which turned out to be the last picture taken of Lennon before he was fatally shot), and of the shots he was personally most fond of.

Andy Greene

Andy Greene

He spoke with such an air of casualness about the countless celebrities and renowned musicians that he has interviewed on the job and even befriended. I was totally beside myself. Actually, everything was so casual about the place. Of the employees that we came in contact with or passed by, Nike kicks or Converse seemed to be the shoes of preference. It was really encouraging to hear Andy, a 33-year-old who has worked at Rolling Stone since his early twenties, talk about the countless amazing opportunities he has come across so early in life. Just recently, no big deal, he was hanging out with James Taylor!!!

— Gretchen Singelmann

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