Hallway of Pop History

I thoroughly enjoyed each place we visited in New York. Because I’m pursuing a career as a magazine editor after graduation, the trip was beneficial for me. I got an inside glimpse of the work environment I will soon enter. Each company had a different vibe that reflected the different types of magazines it produced, and I benefited from hearing the different testimonies from the different employees at each.


John Lennon in “How I Won the War,” RS’s first cover

My favorite part of our trip, however, was walking down the hallway of magazine covers at Rolling Stone. As I ventured down the hallway, I witnessed the evolution of popular culture (and our society at large) on the walls. I studied the premier cover that displayed a photo of John Lennon. The antique, black-and-white covers progressed into ones with bright colors and bold text. I examined the covers from my parents’ generation. I particularly enjoyed looking at the covers from my childhood. NSYNC was my favorite boy-band in the late 90s and early 2000s, and I felt like I went back in time to see that band and its contemporaries when they were at the peak of their influence on popular culture. As the covers progressed through the years I began noticing faces from our present day culture, such as Katy Perry. The hallway of Rolling Stone contains so much history, and I loved experiencing the changes in our society by studying the covers from past to present.

— Grace Hayes

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