Shooting food (and a barn)

Earlier this semester our class met with Kevin Remington, the campus photographer, and he gave us a bit of advice on photographing food. The main thing he pointed out was to keep the aperture as open as possible. This means that the camera is letting in the most amount of light. And it also makes the image focused only on parts of the subject at a certain distance. So, I put my 50mm lens on my camera because the aperture can open very wide. I then tried it out at Farm To You, a store in Lexington that sells only local food. Here are a couple of these pictures.


— Hines LilesLilesH_greenleaf

P.S. I hate snakes. I cannot stand them. I don’t even like pictures of them and will avoid them at all costs. I grew up on a farm and I understand that snakes love barns. Recently, while photographing Paradox Farm, an organic farm in Rockbridge County, I was told of an opportunity to take a “cool” picture. So I followed my host and he led me to the barn. I couldn’t say no. So I followed him in, dodged a rusty tractor and climbed a ladder to get to the hay loft. Immediately I see snake skin everywhere. Not just small snake skin, but long fresh skin. I was terrified. I hopped from hay bale to hay bale just to avoid touching anything I couldn’t see. But, I got the “cool” pic of the sunlight passing through the walls of the barn. And everything worked out, except I still hate snakes. LilesH_barn


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