New Magazines: They Make a Difference

Throughout the process of creating Valley Dish, a magazine that highlights food in Virginia’s Blue Ridge region, we have learned a great deal. But perhaps most notably, we learned that the best time to enter the business is now.

Spencer & Jack MPA

Spencer and Jack at the ASME/Magazine Publishers Association offices

We will, therefore, “launch” Valley Dish on May 22, with the goal of engaging people who have a passion for food and, in a larger sense, the intent of making a difference in people’s lives.

A lot of work has gone in to this publication; the last month, in particular, has been pretty hectic. So now, just a few days before Valley Dish hits newsstands, I figured it might be helpful to take a break and consider a different, comedic take on what people think of magazines. Take it away, Jerry… Seinfeld

— Spencer Payne

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