Out on the Town

Engel & friendsWhile our magazine is called Valley Dish and only relates to food beyond the Blue Ridge, our class had the opportunity to try some of the world’s best food in New York. The picture above was taken at a restaurant called Koi and is located in Bryant Park. I had the Lobster Rolls and wine from an unbelievable bottle of Stag’s Leap. Our class trip to New York helped to expand my pallet and to be honest grew my appreciation for the authenticity of food in the Valley.


Rolling Stone magazine was probably one of the coolest experiences I have had in New York to date. Meeting with Andy Greene was unreal because he is on a first name basis with members of some of the most prolific rock bands ever. This list includes the likes of U2 and the Rolling Stones. Walking through their hallways with every issue published since their first was actually beautiful and is a memory I will never forget.

— Kyle Engel

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