3 NYC Experiences That Were Totally Worth It

On our recent trip to New York City, we were lucky enough to visit a few companies that are home to some of the biggest and best-selling magazines in the country, and to also talk to and learn from some of the great minds behind them. When we weren’t learning about the editorial work that goes into Glamour Magazine, or the steps that it takes to come up with a Rolling Stone interview piece, we were out in the Big City itself, and experiencing everything that comes with it. Being from the  DC area, I’m no stranger to big tourist groups, so it was interesting to be on that end of the spectrum while I was touring NYC. I got to play three different “roles” during my time in the city, and they’re pretty clichéd to be honest, but I still loved every New York minute.


1) The Tourist

I played this role for about 99% of the trip, but it was still really fun. There were literal ups, such as straining to see the tops of the massive skyscrapers or enduring cramped elevator rides just to be rewarded with an incredible view of the city or the skyline. There were also “downs,” which were just as literal, as they often involved taking several subway rides in the wrong direction or getting lost in Chinatown on the way to Little Italy. In spite of all this, the best parts of this role were its little victories, which, in most cases, just meant finding the place that we had been looking for in the first place.

Other times, “victory” meant getting to see something like this:

(Street performers in front of the Metropolitan Museum)


2) The Foodie

This was probably my favorite tourist role, because every meal was a different culinary experience for me. I tried to stay true to this role by seeking out a different popular food or theme for dinner every night, and it was a success. I got to taste the famed New York thin crust the first night, some really good Chinese and ice cream/frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity on the second night (thanks, Lindsay!) and authentic Italian in Little Italy on the third night. And even though the journeys to each of these destinations was no easy feat, I was not disappointed…

2015-05-11 22.24.07

The famed Frrrrozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity!

2015-05-11 20.39.36

Delicious chicken lo mein at Manhattan Chinese restaurant, Chef Yu.

2015-05-11 22.23.51

Hot fudge, chocolate and coffee ice cream sundae at Serendipity!








3) The VIP

This was a very unique role, one that I might not have experienced without the help of this spring-term course. I couldn’t help but get excited when we visited all of the magazine companies, and were ushered in as important guests, complete with our names on all of the lists. It was great to hear about all of the up and coming job opportunities that our hosts presented to us as they urged us to apply, and to also hear that millennials like us make excellent employees in this day and age. I felt like a very, very important person while we were visiting the Hearst tower. Everything about it was a total dream– complete with a kind and talented security guard/tour guide, complimentary breakfast, and a breathtaking view.

The view from the Hearst Tower's conference room, on the 44th floor.

The view from the Hearst Tower’s conference room, on the 44th floor.

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