The Glamorous Life

There are few women’s magazines that can compete with the success and iconic status synonymous with Glamour magazine. Its glossy pages, full of celebrities and beautiful people, have enticed me since I was 8 years old. Entering the WTCGlamour office, then, I was filled with wonder and anticipation. As soon as the elevators opened onto the glossy white and black Glamour entranceway, my eyes widened as I realized that my high expectations were about to be met tenfold.

Abbie McCoy

Abbie McCoy, editorial assistant at Glamour

The view from the 30th floor was phenomenal — we sat level with the looming New York City skyline as we overlooked the 9/11 memorial pools. Many of us (particularly the girls) could not contain our excitement as our guide led us through rooms full of beautiful and expensive clothes and beauty products. The designer clothes and accessories strewn about the room designated the “closet” made my head spin. I could only imagine the amount of money that had been invested in the handbag collection alone. Even so, it was only when our guide offhandedly mentioned that Anna Wintour was in the office that day that I fully realized the sacredness of the space we had entered.

I have never been jealous of the graduating seniors until our guide mentioned a job opening at Glamour. Just the idea of spending every day in that office surrounded by all things fashionable and chic is enough to make me wish to graduate a year or two early.

— Allison Smith

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