The Devil Wears Prada 2.0

When I first saw The Devil Wears Prada, a movie supposedly based on one employee’s experience working for Condé Nast, I figured it was a dramatic exaggeration of what it was probably like to work for a large magazine company. Tough, cutthroat, tense, exhilarating, fashionable – all at once. In reality, I assumed it was more like any other business, but with amazing perks on the side.220px-The_Devil_Wears_Prada_main_onesheet

Our visit to Glamour, one of the Condé Nast suites at One World Trade Center, showed me just how wrong I was. Just from being there for 45 minutes I got the feeling that working for a large, glamorous magazine had its benefits as well as its drawbacks.

I am an avid Glamour reader and I look forward to reading the new edition every month. From my couch at home I imagine super fun, trendy, kind humans behind the printed pages, talking to me as if I’m their younger sister or best friend. However, the experience I had in the Conde Nast building was frighteningly similar to that of Anne Hathaway’s character and I definitely felt out of my element. Instead of excited chatter about the newest shoes or latest makeup, I heard hushed discussions on the floor and caught apprehensive glances over computer screens. Instead of bright colors, mock-ups, and clothes strewn around the building, I saw clean cubicles and stark black and white furniture.Glamour

This was very different from how I had pictured Glamour to be, but it was incredibly interesting to see how imagination can be so different from reality. Working at Glamour is probably an amazing experience and career to have and if given the opportunity I would love to try it. That being said, I would always be on the lookout for the Miranda Priestlys of the office.

— Jenna Faude

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