Phood Photos

Today we met Kevin Remington to discuss some ideas for Valley Dish’s photography. Kevin is a full-time photographer at Washington and Lee, where he captures images from around campus and across the Lexington area. He shareKevin in labd some tips for how to make the best use of lighting and the equipment at our disposal. He also showed us some samples of great food photography from Sara Remington (no relation).

Pineapples and... Pilsners?

Pineapples and… Pilsners?

As a part of our afternoon “lab” session, we split up into small groups and hunted down artsy photo opportunities in Lexington. At least half the class sauntered through the Healthy Foods Co-Op on Washington Street at some point or another. Some students artfully captured pineapples while others fumbled with angles of eggs. Being the least artistic, I decided to taste some free samples of local honey. Classmates spread themselves out from Pure Eats to Blue Sky in search of potential cover photos, but no one seemed to find a winner today. Maybe we’ll have better luck on our reporting excursions.

— Jack Anderson

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