Design advice from Caroline McKean

On Thursday’s visit to Roanoke, Leisure Media 360 Editor in Chief Kurt Rheinheimer said one way to ensure the success of a magazine is to hire a good designer. He introduced Caroline McKean, Art Director for Leisure Media 360, who gave technical advice and inspiration ideas.

As Art Director for Valley Dish, I took particular interest in what Caroline had to say and was blown away when she mentioned being responsible for the design of 25 publications in 2014. That would mean completing one publication every two weeks. It will be a challenge for us to design one publication in double that amount of time! We took advantage of the opportunity to ask her some technical questions, which will make our design process easier. She suggested using to download fonts and recommended straight photoshop files if possible for photos.

In addition to scouring pintererst and issuu for ideas, Caroline highlighted her Top 5 Magazines for Design Inspiration:

  1. Food Network Magazine
  2. Conde Nast TRAVELER
  3. Sunset
  4. Modern Farmer

And the most important aspect of good design: White Space!

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